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How To Use AI In Marketing (and 9 Ways to Start Today)

If you’re not using AI in your marketing, you’ll likely fall behind.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how marketers approach marketing strategies and campaigns. And it’s not just having a bot write a blog for you. 

AI technology allows marketers to understand their target audience better, optimize campaigns, and automate time-consuming tasks.

Marketers should start utilizing AI as a tool and stop fearing it will take their jobs. On the contrary, marketers who understand how to improve their strategies, data, and automation will stay relevant, increasing job security. 

Do More with Automation - How to Use AI In Marketing

If you haven’t tested the AI waters yet, here are nine ways how to use AI in marketing today.

1. Marketing Automation 

Marketing needs to pull consumers through the marketing funnel and help increase revenue. Automation helps make that possible by providing a more effective and efficient tool in daily marketing efforts. In fact, 80% of marketers who use automation saw an increase in leads, with 77% reporting an increase in conversions. 

Software like Hubspot offers AI-powered marketing automation to help make personalized marketing possible while saving time and improving the quality of leads. Marketers can leverage CRM tools such as email marketing workflows, lead scoring, and customized content creation to save time while improving performance and supporting business objectives. 

Personalization - How to Use AI In Marketing

2. Personalization

Did you know 80% of consumers are likelier to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience? With AI, marketers can personalize their messaging and content to each customer, making it more valuable and enjoyable. This increases engagement and conversion rates while building stronger relationships between the brand and customer, giving your company a competitive advantage.

To get started in personalization, take advantage of AI tools. AI will help you improve and personalize customer experiences by aggregating behavioral, contextual, and demographic data to create personalized experiences and user journeys. 

Next, use the data to design a better experience. For example, if you find that 85% of website visitors are on mobile devices, optimize your web experience for mobile. Or after reviewing page visits, types of content consumed, and heatmaps, design a user journey personalized to the consumer’s needs and online behaviors. 

3. Simplifying Content Creation

AI will never replace a great writer. It’s obvious when you use it to write an entire article (don’t do this). However, you can use AI for content marketing in other ways to improve your content or generate ideas.

Content Creation - How to Use AI In Marketing


4. Inspire Ideas

Spin your wheels for ideas no more! AI, like generates content ideas to spark inspiration. Enter your company name, describe your products or services, and hit “inspire me” for ideas. Use these ideas only as a jumping point, and refine them based on your experience and knowledge.

5. Help Clarify Your Message 

If you keep reworking a sentence and feel stuck, try copying it into an AI-generated writing tool like ChatGPT or Jasper. As a prompt, ask the AI to “take the writing you have copied in and rewrite it for clarity or make it more interesting”. While AI tools may not produce exactly what you need, this can help open your mind to new ideas and spark creativity, allowing you to rework your copy. Sometimes seeing your writing in new light is all you need to avoid writer’s block and get the message across well. 

Video Creation - How to Use AI In Marketing

Source: synthesia

6. Generate Videos

Video production is expensive. It’s also complicated to get projects off the ground. To try video without the fuss, test AI Videos like Synthesia, which can create videos in 65 languages with AI avatars. AI videos can cut out a lengthy production process with videos made in minutes. These are great for training tools or testing a quick theory.

ad optimization - - How to Use AI In Marketing
Source: Google

7. Ad Optimization

 If you don’t use AI for ads, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. AI can help marketers optimize their ad campaigns using machine learning to run through campaign analytics. It can also detect trends or patterns to create better ad outcomes. 

In addition, AI insights can help determine which ad creatives, audiences, and targeting options will perform best, allowing you to yield a higher return and better results. For example, Google Ads uses machine learning to evaluate campaigns and make suggestions to keep them fully optimized using an optimization score. On average, marketers who leverage Google’s machine learning see up to 15% more clicks.

target audience

8. Better Audience Targeting 

AI can help analyze customer data such as interests, online behaviors, and demographics to determine which ads appeal most to your audience. This allows you to improve your ad campaigns’ effectiveness by ensuring the right audience sees your ad, leading to higher conversion.

9. Create Relevant Copy in a Pinch

We’ve all been there. Your executive needs an ad, and they need it launched now. Using AI can help you create relevant and compelling copy quickly. Tools like Jasper and Copy AI are all good places to start. The AI will use algorithms to help create ads that appeal to your target market, just remember it is AI copy, and you should always review and refine it to make it your own, but this will cut down at least 50% of your time creating the ad copy, which will save you in a pinch.

It’s a wrap! How to Use AI in Marketing Final Thoughts

AI technology offers many benefits to marketers, and those who don’t leverage the technology risk falling behind. Marketers can improve their campaigns and increase revenue by utilizing AI for personalization, predictive analytics, chatbots, image and video creation, content creation, and ad optimization. But remember, if you want to take campaigns to the next level, AI is only one step. You must use creativity, critical thinking, and originality to be a standout marketer and cut through the noise!

Below is a recap of how to use AI in Marketing:

  • Marketing automation makes daily marketing tasks more effective and efficient.
  • Personalization tailors your message to speak directly to your audience.
  • Simplify content creation by inspiring ideas, helping to clarify messaging, and generating cost-effective videos.
  • Ad Optimization through better ad optimization and quick ad copy

Do you have a favorite AI tool for marketing? Share below.

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