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Hi! I’m Kaitlin, a marketer with 13+ years of experience on a mission to bring brandf stories and personalities to life through stories that convert. 

I believe in the power of story and creating communities. Brands should be involved with and serve their communities, not just talk AT them.

this is my why

So how did this all start? Why am I so passionate about stories and content marketing?

When I was a teenager, my grandfather passed away from Alzheimer’s disease. Shortly after, I discovered his photo albums and journals. They told the story of his life when he could not. I knew I wanted to help others share their stories from that moment on.

I have over 13-years of experience creating content and telling stories. I started my journey into content marketing when I was sick of doing cold calls. I convinced the CEO to start a blog to bring people to us and avoid the dreaded cold calls. And it worked! By the end of my time at the company, the blog was the 3rd most trafficked in their industry, and the company was 100% inbound marketing (yes, all leads came to us! No more cold calling, hooray!)

Today, I’m a content marketer with vast experience creating inbound marketing funnels for B2B and B2C clients. I’m a creator who partners with small businesses to develop strategies that optimize their content and marketing channels using their own unique stories so companies can grow and create brand evangelists and communities. I do this through blogging, newsletters, videos, social media, and more.

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