Northwest Event Show (NWES) is the premier event show for event professionals in the Seattle events industry. After putting the show on pause for two years due to the pandemic, and the NWES coming up in-person March 1st, 2022 they knew they needed to level up their marketing strategy. The Northwest Event Show came to us looking to increase engagement, reach more people and solidify themselves as a thought leader within the Seattle Events Industry. 


Clarified Messaging – In collaboration with the team at NWES we worked to identify the needs of their audience to create social media messaging and blog posts that would resonate.

Increased Reach with Instagram Stories – Leading up to the show a series of stories were created to extend reach and pique interest in the show.

LinkedIn Management –  We leveraged LinkedIn to create helpful content that appealed to the target audience of the NWES. By a unique strategy  focused on engagement and custom content creation we were able to increase their LinkedIn page views by 1233%.  

Promotional Blogs – Leading up to the show we creating blogs that promoted the show including listicle blogs of reasons to attend or exhibit, interviews featuring the keynote speakers, and helpful information about the show including a Know Before You Go blog and a blog full of tips for exhibitors to learn how to maximize their experience.


Social Media Management

LinkedIn Management 

Blog Creation

Marketing Strategy

+ 1 %
Page Views
+ 1 %
Instagram Likes
+ 1 %
Clickthrough Rate
+ 1 %

The Results

Our approach was able to help NWES achieve their goals. Through strategic blogging and social media we were able to increase reach and drive traffic to the website. Clickthrough rates from social improved +333.3% and overall followers increased by +310% leading up the show. 

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